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If Epicor Support Is So Terrible, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

We have around about  customers in Australia that are using SOLS and we launched into this marketplace around  years ago of those customers they represent probably Epicor Support to residents under management well LS is  an embedded end-to-end system which  gives you the best of what you would  expect from a core REP system in terms  of financials right through to  procurement side that if you think about  the complexity of supplying goods into.

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What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About epicor support

You know a large number of Epicor Support  homes and  making sure that all of the the items  that are required to run a business are  there on time purchased efficiently  purchased the lowest possible cost so  all of Those poor elements are really important but where ls comes into play  is in terms of managing all of the core resonance so to have all of those functions embedded in one system is  really really key for our customers it’s not just about the financial aspects.

I’m a Don a director of nursing in a  particular facility on an everyday basis  I have someone being admitted into my nursing home for example I control that  I into that straight to epic or I track when They’ve gone on social leave or epicor support they got on hospital leave I’m tracking  that all the time in the system sitting on my front desk or even even on an on  an iPad walking around and keeping track.

Thing and that same data is epicor support available  to head office or wherever we choose to do the billing and funny it’s very  difficult to make a buck and you really  need to be as efficient as you possibly can and You can’t do that if you’ve got  a holiday of cobbled together systems or you’re doing everything manually so for  our customers to have everything  embedded.