The Lazy Man’s Guide To 13×5 00 6 tire

Flexes the ride comfort and also the slice and puncture resistance now typically your shorter side wall sear going to be stiffer with less flex and they’re going to be more stable at your higher speeds and your taller sidewalls those are going to do better be more comfortable at lower speeds in that rough and rocky terrain now we’ve already talked about how your tire size and your psi or not your PSI rating but your ply riding is going to be hereon the side of the tire there’s a couple other thing on.

The side wall that I wantto point out that you should reallyconsider when you’re looking to buy anynew tires the first thing we’re talkingabout is going to be your lugs here onthe sidewall you can see with this proarmored crawler that the tread lightscome all the way down the sidewall sothis is going to be really good ifyou’re in a deep rut if you’re pressedup against a rock that’s going to givethat extra grip to the side of the tireit’s also going to offer additionalprotection to your sidewall the nextthing I want to show you is here aroundthe inside around the bead of the tireyou can see this crawler has.

This rimguard so 13×5 00 6 tire what this does this allows yourrim to sit recessed inside the tire soit’s going to protect your rim it’s alsogoing to keep sand dirt and other debrisfrom getting into that beaded area sothose are just a couple of things tolook at and consider when you’reshopping for your next set of tiresalright so the last thing we’re going tocover is going to be psi for your tiresnow it’s very important to run theproper p.s.i for your tire this is goingto ensure the right performancedurability comfort and safety whileyou’re out riding now when you’resetting your psi there’s a lot of thingsto.