How Much Do You Know about Sports?

Train to get strong fast and flexible and we must work hard so if you want Togo from playing to competing you must train but if you train and you don’t practice you won’t be very good so weened to practice what do you mean well practicing we practice to get better skills actually first we practice to learn skills you learn to do something and you keep practicing it so you can make it automatic that means you don’t have to think and then we keep practicing to make the skills even better okay so if you want to learn how to do karate yeah you have to do this many many times first you go why not and then you practice.

your hand is straight Wow okay then better Wow yes you need to practice to learn new skills hundred percent new and get better at those skills and finally we say study what is studying well different things for instance games you’ll notice I said games and sports you play but if you need to get special special skill which requireslots of work and usually that includesmore of your mind we talked aboutstudying because you study martial artsstudy you do practice to get better butyou study you do not play martial artsand martial arts include karate yeahMuay Thai yeah and MMA whatever okay sowe study martial arts we also study likein school for music and art for examplethe piano you study it is physicalbecause you use your hands but it ismental because.

you use your mind so wemust study you must study ideas and thenyou can practice to get better okay ifyou get very good you can compete as anamateur or professional training isrequired which means working very hardbut if you don’t want to work hard andyou just want it to be fun just playplaying is fun so this is what I saidwhat would you like to do mr. e sorry Ialmost forgot he’s been trying to playsoccer but the balls a little too bigfor him no but it’s his a world is hisworld but if you want to learn moreabout.

his world and you want to getbetter and I would like to see you againbecause you know we work well together Ithink yeah okay I would like you to goto well www dot guess I still say it inas in English vid as in whereyou can complete the quiz that comeswith this and learn more about whatwould you like to do we’ve got grammarwe’ve got vocabulary we’ve gotslang we’ve got idioms we’ve gotunderstanding well you get the idea comeon back we’ll play some more okay bye.